When Planet Fitness was founded, the idea was to create a welcoming environment for people who wanted to get into shape, but weren't stereotypical "gym rats."

They brilliantly marketed their gyms as "No Judgement Zones." 

Another feature that helped Planet Fitness stand out from other gyms was their low $10 monthly fee.  Planet Fitness quickly became one of the biggest gym chains in the country.

Recently, the gym has been in the news for reasons that will be a real test for the chain.

Planet Fitness recently announced that they will be increasing their monthly membership fee by 50% to fifteen dollars a month.

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Additionally, the company said they'll be testing new pricing for their premium Black Card membership.

This is the first price increase in 25 years, and even at the new price level, they still offer one of the lowest price gym memberships.

It's not so surprising that they would consider raising their price.  What is surprising to some, is the timing.

Most people in our country are struggling to pay their bills.  The cost of everything from groceries to gas has skyrocketed.

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Families have to re-prioritize where they spend their money.

The typical Planet Fitness member is more of a casual gym user.

If choices have to be made between necessities and luxuries, the gym membership would probably be the first to go.

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Planet Fitness has been in the news recently when women began complaining about Planet Fitness's policy that allows members to use the locker rooms based on gender identity.

According to a report on Yahoo Finance, there have been cases where women and children have reported sexual harassment at the gyms.  In many cases, the cases resulted in the women losing their membership.

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