The U.S. Marine Corps celebrates its 245th birthday this week.

The U.S. Marine Corps was founded during the American Revolution with the creation of two battalions of Continental Marines in Philadelphia on November 10th, 1775.

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We salute those who have served on this special occasion. Thank you for your service now and in years past.

On Tuesday, I asked listeners to post photos of Marines from South Jersey on the Lite Rock Facebook page. You can see a gallery of those pictures, below.

I want to wish all the Marines from South Jersey U.S. Marine Corps Reserve who help us each year with Lite Rock's Toys for Tots a very happy 245th Marine Corps birthday!  They are a dedicated and loyal buch. But, of course they are! They are Marines. What else would you expect? Thank you for your service, Gentlemen. Semper Fi.

Saluting U.S. Marines From South Jersey

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