A curfew in place in Philadelphia in the city's Fashion District that had been in place on weekends has not been extended to weekdays as well.

The revised, and stricter, curfew means anyone under the age of 18 cannot shop or loiter in the Fashion District after 2 p.m., unless accompanied by an adult 23 years of age or older.


The curfew is in response to the recent uptick in teen gatherings in the area, sometimes in the hundreds, fights, and other disturbances. It's become disruptive to businesses along Market Street in the Fashion District, and a safety concern for shoppers.

When Does the Daily 2 p.m. Curfew Take Effect?

The city will begin enforcing the revised curfew beginning Monday, April 24th.

How the Curfew Will Work

According to Fashion District officials, anyone who looks under 18 could be asked to provide proof of their age, 6abc.com reports.

Who is Checking ID's?

Monitoring who's 18 or not in the Fashion District will not be a police matter. The responsibility of checking ID's to enter the mall will be left to Fashion District security. However, in instances of crime or more serious matter, Philly PD will step in.

What About Employees of the Fashion District Under 18 Years Old?

Those under the age of 18 who work in the Fashion District and arrive for shifts after 2 p.m. will be asked to present proof of employment.

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Where the Fashion District is Located

The Fashion District encompasses a stretch of Market Street in Philadelphia between 8th Street and 11th Street. The Fashion District Mall is located at 9th and Market.

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