The phrase “midlife crisis” usually has a negative connotation, an excuse for men buy that sports car they can’t afford or ditch their wife for a younger woman.

This point in a man’s life can be very hard for them, because they realize their younger years are behind them, and they get the urge to make big sudden changes. However, this challenging time can also be an opportunity to reflect and make positive and thoughtful changes, not rash decisions.

Midlife crisis in men usually occurs in the 40s or 50s. Signs of a midlife crisis include drinking more, having an affair, leaving the family, concern about appearance and feeling that life is not what you want it to be.

Sometimes these feelings are triggered by a life event such as a friend dying or becoming a grandfather. If you are a man who is experiencing these feelings, focus on the positives in your life and be appreciative of the little things.

  • Seek the advice of a friend or counselor before making any major decisions and do not make quick decisions that can change your life forever.
  • If you are unhappy with your work,  think about what you really want and find another job before you leave your current position.
  • All marriages have peaks and valleys. If things are not going right  with your marriage,  find ways to make your relationship better. Separating is a drastic step that affects everyone around you. 
  • If you are insecure about gaining weight or slowing down, get back to the gym and live a healthier lifestyle.  

Take your time to think it through, make reasonable, practical choices and a midlife crisis can actually help you live a better life.


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