Summertime in Jersey can be a lot of fun.

A lot of folks will find their way to the beautiful Jersey shore, while others head to the mountains.

Given the economic challenges most of us are dealing with, finding fun things to do that will fit our budget, is top of mind.  Here are five things to check out that won't break the bank.

Popcorn Park Zoo

I love this place.  Popcorn Park Zoo is a rescue facility for all types of animals, including lions, tigers, monkeys, and elephants.

Calling this a facility is not fair.  It's a beautiful place with a great vibe.  Knowing these magnificent animals have a safe place to call home is uplifting.

The animals are well-cared for and visitors get an up-close look at animals you only see on TV.  You and your kids will be fascinated.

They survive on donations and they suggest $5 per person which is more than reasonable.

Get more information about Popcorn Park Zoo here.

Liberty State Park

It's one thing to read about or see pictures of the Statue of Liberty, but something else completely to see it in person or even climb the stairs to the top.

Pack a picnic to enjoy at the park while you take in magnificent sights all around you.  Then take the ferry to see Lady Liberty or Ellis Island up close and personal.

There is free parking close by (as well as paid parking) and clean bathroom facilities.

Buy tickets in advance and you'll eliminate standing in line.  This is the official link for tickets.

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Adventure Aquarium

This will be a day full of wow for your family.  The Adventure Aquarium is recognized as the best aquarium in the Northeast.

Their shark display is super cool.  They have the largest collection of sharks in the Northeast and one of the few that has a real Hammer Head shark.

They also have a hippo, turtles, penguins, and more.

One of my favorite things was the Stingray Beach Club, where you're invited to put your hand in the water and touch a real Stingray.  It's a fun educational day kids will love.

They always have specials that will make this an affordable day for the family.  Advanced reservations are strongly recommended.  Get more info here.

Grounds for Sculptures

The Grounds for Sculpture is located in Central Jersey in Mercer County.  This is the most unusual destination on our list.

There are all kinds of cool sculptures to explore.  The sculptures are surrounded by beautiful greenery and with a great river view.  The sculptures themselves range from giant to life-size of all different themes.

In addition to the sculptures, there's all kinds of great artwork that you'll enjoy.  Even if you don't consider yourself an artsy person, don't rule this place out.  It's outrageous.

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You must have reservations.  Get more information and make reservations here.

Children's Museum of Bucks County

Put on comfortable sneakers and prepare for a fun day of exploration.  I know, this isn't New Jersey, but it's just over the river and well worth a day out.

The Children's Museum in New Hope is a must-see for kids.  The theme of the museum is learning by doing.

Your young child will love all the fun things to do.  For instance, they have a hospital display, where the children put on lab coats and explore the inner workings of a hospital.

The facility is super clean and fun.  Reservations are a must and can be made here. 

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