Oy Vey!  Trying to compile a list of the best Jewish Delis in New Jersey isn't easy.

When you go to a Jewish deli, prepare to eat.  Portions are huge.  You'll things like corned beef and pastrami. and tongue.

Also, knishes (fried potato), and great matzo ball soup.  Not the healthiest of choices, but surely delicious.

There are quite a few great delis to choose from.  They were making me meshuga (the Yiddish word for crazy) but I was asked to list only 5.

So here it goes.  In no particular order, 5 Jewish delis you must try at least once, whether you are Jewish or not.

Harold's New York Deli 1173 King Georges Post Rd Edison

The legendary Harold's has been around forever.  Known for robust sandwiches they are the standard by which all others are measured.

A suggestion for those who have never been to Harold's.  Order your sandwich with the intention of sharing.  Sandwiches go for between 24.95 and a staggering $95.

However, that $95 sandwich serves 5-8 people.  Also, you'll love their pickle bar.

The Kibitz Room 100 Springdale Rd Cherry Hill (The Shoppes at Holly Ravine Center)

The Kibitz Room in Cherry Hill may well be the absolute best of South Jersey.  Like most Jewish delis, you'll find all the mainstays and very large portions.

The sandwiches are great, but you'll want to try one of their cheese blintzes.  Another great feature is their homemade pickles.

The Kosher Nosh 894 Prospect St Glen Rock

Up in Bergen County, The Kosher Nosh has been serving up great sandwiches for over 48 years.

The corned beef and pastrami combo sandwich with a schmear of Russian dressing is the pick at this iconic North Jersey Jewish Delicatessen.

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Hobby's Deli 32 Branford Pl Newark

Hobby's was named to the Top Ten Delicatessen in America by Food and Wine Magazine.  

Ask anyone who has eaten here what they liked best, and you're bound to hear how good the pastrami is.  Fresh, tasty, and huge.

Eppes Essen 105 East Mount Pleasant Ave Livingston

Like most of the delis we've listed, Eppes Essen serves huge sandwiches, and like the other delis, those huge sandwiches come with a big price tag.

These sandwiches are big enough to share.  However, you may just want to get a box and bring half home to enjoy later.  This is a great deli for you to try for yourself.

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