Sometimes when I write a story, it seems like a slam dunk that tons of people will see it, and even agree with the premise.

Then there are times when I'm caught off guard by the number of people who disagree.

This is about one of those stories.

Last week, after Memorial Day, I composed an open letter, addressing the chaos that occurred Memorial Day weekend, up and down the Jersey coast.

My message came from a place of love.  I grew up, spending summers down the shore, and we owned a home on Long Beach Island for over 30 years, until Sandy forced us to leave.

I love the Jersey Shore.

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I offered 3 ideas for taking back control,

  • Hold parents of underage trouble-makers responsible for their kids
  • Create a service fee for anyone arrested that would offset the costs of enforcement and clean-up.
  • Remain vigilant and support law enforcement.

I thought these were a common sense approach for keeping our boards safe.

Here's a sampling from local Facebook pages of the reaction to the story.

These problems existed "forever," 

Hormonal teens have been doing stupid *#$% since the beginning of time.

I’m not too proud to admit that in the Summer of ‘91...I was in a group of 5 and we were approached by a group of about 10 from a rival high school. My friend’s eye was split open by brass knuckles.

I seem to recall observing countless fights on the boardwalk/beaches/parks/ at McDonald’s and anywhere else from one end of the island to the other, stabbings, drownings, suicide, homicides, kidnappings, sexual assaults, older creepers trying to pick up young girls/boys…

It isn't the end of the world as some would have.

About the police, 

You people think that the police are there to protect you. That's not their job. Look it up in their mission statement. They have no expectations. For your safety, it actually says that.

We had those who blamed the Governor,

Thank Governor Murphy.
You get what you vote for...
Still, others wanted to see stricter enforcement of laws and accountability,
The entitlement generation, the only way they will learn is to lock up their parents!
Kids should be accompanied by an adult! Case closed!
...there’s no excuse for what we saw on the boardwalk last weekend and there’s no defense for it either

Final Thought...for Now

I want to reiterate, that I spent a lot of time down the shore in the 80s we got into our mischief.  Sure there were fights.  Yes, we got drunk and did stupid things, but this feels different.

I know some will look at me as a grumpy old man, but I'm truly not.  Nor am I blaming ALL kids for the actions we've seen.

I feel sorry for those who are impacted by those who ignore the law.  Mostly, I don't want to see our kids get hurt or worse.

As parents and citizens, we need to get this figured out.

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