Six Flags Great Adventure has made it clear that they have A LOT in store for 2019.

They kicked off the season by hosting their 2nd Annual Autism Day and they will be unveiling their brand new attraction, Calypso Springs, which is best described as a "massive activity pool."

But one of the most anticipated events is the grand opening of the brand new ride, Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth.

This ride can be best described as the world's tallest pendulum. It will stand 17 stories tall and will reach speeds of up to 75 miles-per-hour while you're spinning and swinging.

I actually got a sneak peek and was able to go on the ride earlier today. It is INTENSE and I have the footage to prove it.

The ride officially opens TODAY so take a look at the footage above so you know what to expect and then maybe play hooky and head to Six Flags!

For any questions or additional information on Six Flags' new attractions for 2019, visit

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