A unique job opportunity could be opening very soon for an unforgettable summer job in Ocean City chasing away seagulls as a falconer.

East Coast Falconers, the company that contracts with Ocean City to handle the raptors that chase away seagulls over the beach and boardwalk has just been approved to return to Ocean City for summer 2023.

This year, in addition to protecting the beach and boards, ECF will also be providing extended coverage to the shops along Asbury Avenue, according to ocnjdaily.com.

East Coast Falconers has been responsible for guarding the Ocean City Boardwalk against swooping, food-stealing seagulls since 2019. Last year in early February, they ran this ad on their Facebook page looking for falconer trainees.

East Coast Falcons is hiring for the 2022 season. We are looking for falconers with a drive to want to make money and fly a lot of birds. Lots of benefits and gain here. We will train you with, hawks, falcons, and owls. Pay is dependent upon experience. A rare experience for the right people.

Now, with the plan to cover even more airspace over Ocean City, there's a pretty good chance they may need more falcon handlers.

East Coast Falcons, a Lodi, NJ-based company, will be paid $316,920 or about $2000 a day this summer by Ocean City to keep those pesky seagulls at bay. They do so without harming the gulls, just simply chasing them back to their natural habitat.

We'll let you know if they officially hang the 'help wanted' sign again this summer, or, you can reach out to East Coast Falconers at 201-994-9683.

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