Here's a unique summer job offer. The company that contracts with Ocean City to handle the raptors that chase away seagulls over the beach and boardwalk is looking for falconer trainees.

East Coast Falconers has been responsible for guarding the Ocean City Boardwalk against swooping, food-stealing seagulls since 2019.

They are running this recruitment ad on their Facebook page.

East Coast Falcons is hiring for the 2022 season. We are looking for falconers with a drive to want to make money and fly a lot of birds. Lots of benefits and gain here. We will train you with, hawks, falcons, and owls. Pay is dependent upon experience. A rare experience for the right people.

East Coast Falcons is a Lodi, NJ-based company that is paid about $2000 a day by Ocean City to keep those pesky seagulls at bay. They do so without harming the gulls, just simply chasing them back to their natural habitat.

Eric Swanson, the owner of  East Coast Falconers, told that the program has been successful and tourists love it.

"People absolutely love the program. One of the falconers last summer said he felt like a rock star. The mayor seems to be ecstatic about the idea and how it is working and he freely expressed that."

The company is looking for workers to help with their three full-time and four to six part-time positions as falconers, overseeing their 11 falcons and an owl.

The falcon program starts on weekends in the spring, moves to a daily operation in the summer, and shifts back to weekends in the fall.

For details on the trainee positions, go to  East Coast Falcons or call 201-994-9683.

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