You hear stories about people who have tried risky stunts like walking on the frozen bay when temperatures get this extreme in South Jersey, and now you can add Dom Piro's name to that list.

Piro posted video on Facebook of himself and a friend walking across the frozen Cape May Canal over the weekend. The 4-minute footage looks and sounds like it's been taken in a remote Arctic location, with ice and snow looking like a crater of the moon, being whipped by strong winds.

Piro and his buddy safely completed the nearly mile long walk across the canal and lived to tell the story...and post video of it to social media, which you can see linked here.

The video is really unlike anything I have ever seen. I remember skating on a frozen lake when I was a kid, but the lake was smooth and shallow and frozen solid. This is a canal of the Delaware Bay, with waves and constant movement that is much deeper than my lake was. The possibility that the canal is not completely frozen seems very real to me.

I would also be interested in hearing your reaction to this potentially deadly adventure.  Sure, it's cool video, but isn't this a risk not worth taking for Piro and anyone he might endanger, who tries to save him if the ice breaks?

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