If you want to find out where the good pizza is and what toppings are the best on the pizza, ask your radio listeners!

What's Your Favorite South Jersey Pizza Place?

One morning I posed that question on Facebook and we got an enormous response with some great tips on fantastic South Jersey pizza places.

What Are Your Favorite Pizza Toppings?

This was the second part of the equation. You told us about your favorite pizza place, but, what toppings, if any, do you order when you get a pizza at your favorite spot? Isn't the choice of pizza topping a fascinating thing? It changes from person to person, from pizza to pizza, and pizza place to pizza place.

There are pizza places where I love a particular topping, and, then there's pizza where I want to eat it plain, with no toppings. We're all like that, I think.

Where are These Favorite Pizza Places?

They are all over South Jersey, from Cumberland County to Ocean County, Gloucester to Cape May County, and many places between.

These Are The Best Pizza Places in South Jersey?

Well, they are some of them. Remember, these are the choices of the people who participated in this very unscientific survey of good pizza places and toppings.

Are there other great South Jersey pizza places and wonderful pies they make with your favorite toppings? Absolutely! Isn't it a beautiful world?

Feel free to add your choice of a pizza place and toppings in the comments section.

Here's the gallery of listeners' favorite South Jersey pizza places and toppings.


Listeners' Favorite South Jersey Pizza Places & Toppings

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