I love Tony's Baltimore Grill pizza so much, I began following them on Facebook.

Not long ago, the famed Atlantic City eatery posted about a guy who had dined and dashed them. If you don't know, that means he came in and ate the food and drank the drinks, and then left without paying the bill.

Several restaurants I worked at over the years had a policy that the waitperson who had served the dine and dashers was responsible for the bill of the people who had run out on their checks.

It was probably set up that way so you would keep a close eye on your customers so that wouldn't happen, but I always thought it was a bad policy. I don't know what Tony's Baltimore Grill policy is on dine & dashers, but that was the first thing I considered when I read about the guy skipping out on them.

Several weeks later, Tony's just did a follow-up to that post. This is the amazing part that I have never heard of anyone doing.

A guy named Robert wrote a note to the owners at Tony's Baltimore Grill apologizing for doing the dine & dash and enclosed $150 in cash in the envelope with the letter.

Robert said he was sorry for stealing and that he had been in a bad place, or, "not in the right state of mind" when he did it. He said he wanted to join the Marine Corps and turn his life around.

Tony's Baltimore Grill posted a photo of Robert's letter that showed the cash he had included.

In their comment on the post, they said something very true about Robert.

A follow up to our post about the guy who recently dine & dashed- Any loser can walk out on a tab but it takes COURAGE to walk back into that same joint, say sorry, and acknowledge that you’re in a bad place. When we received this message we immediately reached out to Robert to accept his apology and to offer our help. Hopefully he is ready. File this one under shit that only happens at The Baltimore Grill. #hoora

Well, let's hear it for Robert! I don't know anything else about him or his problems in life, but this guy could be someone special if he gets a chance. Anyone can make a mistake, but it takes a big person to realize the wrong he has done and take responsibility for it.


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