For those of us that have been invested in this case since the news broke back in September of 2019, it's been a really long and difficult road that's gotten us to this point.

It's been four years since 5-year-old Dulce Maria Alavez disappeared from Bridgeton City Park in Cumberland County. Since she vanished, there have been TONS of theories circulating around social media regarding what could have happened to her. For all of South Jersey, it's been hard not having any solid answers or explanation.

Alavez's mother, Noema, told police that she was sitting in her car while Dulce and her little brother ran off to play in the park. From where Noema was parked, she said she had lost sight of the kids. She claims that it was when she couldn't see Dulce anymore that she got out of the car, ran up to her son, and realized that Dulce was missing.

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It's been four ears since Dulce vanished from the park and South Jersey isn't any closer to solving this case. The authorities assure us all that they haven't given up, but it's been four years. That's a long time to not have a single answer.

Rumors have since been swirling around social media alleging that the mother, Noema, may know more than she's letting on. However, she went on 'Dr. Phil' a few years ago and put those rumors to rest. Noema says she has absolutely no idea who took her daughter nor why they would even want to.

It's like the community is on a hamster wheel with this case.

Maybe, the Bridgeton community will get some answers after they watch the new NBC special. 'Somebody Knows Something: The Disappearance of Dulce' premieres Friday, September 15th on NBC and Peacock.

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