It looks like South Jersey will see the first accumulating snow of the winter season. We could see a coating to an inch in South Jersey according to our Lite Rock meteorologist Dan Zarrow.

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As we get ready for another busy winter season, here's a friendly reminder to make sure that your car is snow and ice free before you drive. One of winter's least favorite jobs to do is to clear all the snow and ice off your car. Keep in mind that it's dangerous and illegal if you don't.

According to, state law requires you remove snow and ice before you get behind the wheel. The law has been in effect since 2010. You can expect to be fined between $25 to $75 for each offense and up to $1,000 if there's property damage or injury involved.

I'm always amazed every winter when I see a car piled with snow flying down the Garden State Parkway. Stay safe this winter and make sure your car is snow and ice free before you drive this winter.


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