This has got to be one of the greatest ideas I have ever seen.

Celebrating Halloween amid the COVID-19 Pandemic does have a lot of people concerned and I can understand why.

Halloween parties, haunted houses and trick-or-treating are all activities that involve a lot of people crossing paths, touching various surfaces and ultimately transferring germs which is the last thing we want this spooky season.

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Enter Marshal Fox, owner of the flooring store Fox Floors in Ocean Township, to save the day

FYI: Now I know Ocean Township is a bit of a hike for us but I wanted to share this story because there are plenty of other places to go to get a tube to create your own version of the invention you see below....

Introducing the Socially Distance Candy Chute!

Marshall has been giving away the tubes used to roll up industrial lengths of carpet to NJ residents so candy can be collected from a safe distance.

“I saw some kind of candy shoot online and I think it was made out of PVC pipe or something," said Fox. "And I figured I have so many of these carpet tubes laying around, it’d be perfect to use for a candy shoot."

So just to give you the visualization: The candy giver stands on one end of the tube and the candy collector stands on the other.

Candy and chocolate can be given out to trick-or-treaters and no one has to get closer than 6 feet to one another!

And if you want to make one of these candy chutes yourself, all you need is a tube that is at least 6 feet long and you are set.

Maybe go to a local arts and crafts store, a flooring store near you or maybe even Amazon can help you out.

Plus, if I may add, you could make it a fun, spooky activity to decorate these tubes so you are ready for Halloween.

 Amazing idea, Marshall.

Ideas like this are exactly what we need to make it through 2020.

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