COVID-19 is cruel and unusual.

This is going to catch many by surprise, because the vast majority have, or, want to just turn the page on COVID-19.

Just when you thought the 2-plus-year pandemic had reached the endemic phase … maybe it hasn’t.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy addressed the issue in a report in

One of the stark realities is that Atlantic, Cape May, and Ocean Counties are listed as "high" for COVID-19 transmission, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

As much as no one wants to hear this, the recommendation is that these areas should consider wearing a mask in public places.

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New Jersey’s COVID-19 dashboard lists a state transmission rate of 1.26 meaning that each infection leads to at least one more infection.

Governor Murphy has not confirmed if he will reinstate mask and socially distancing mandates.

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