An 11-year-old girl died in Toms River Saturday after she touched a rail on a metal boat lift that had become electrified, according to Toms River police.

The girl was rafting with friends on in a lagoon behind a home on Tobago Avenue in the Shelter Cove section of Toms River when the incident happened shortly after 8 p.m. Saturday.

Two of the girls touched the rail to a metal boat lift and electric current appears to have energized the equipment causing the injury. The child is a resident of Newark, NJ and was visiting friends at the Tobago Avenue address, according to the release.

The two other juvenile girls that accompanied her were evaluated at the scene and determined to not be injured.

The first responders utilized an Automated External Defibrillator, AED, and transported the child to Community Medical Center in Toms River, where she passed away later in the evening.

Electric-shock drowning occurs when an electric current, typically low-level AC current from boats,  docks or lights, "escapes" and shocks nearby swimmers. The shock paralyzes them so they can’t swim or help themselves.

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