Egg Harbor Township Police busted an illegal "Open Mic Night' party Friday night and uncovered a large amount of drugs intended for sale and three unregistered guns, including one that was stolen in North Carolina.

The recovered drug stash included 42 pounds of illicit marijuana and 14 pounds of magic mushrooms.

The rave-style party was being held in a warehouse in the Farmington section of EHT and featured a cover charge,  live DJ, music entertainment, and alcoholic drinks for sale, according to a release from police.

Five people thought to be running the party were arrested. Michael Garofalo Jr, 20 of Jackson; Daegan Leithmann, 21, of Egg Harbor City; Jonathan Vega, 21 of Egg Harbor City; Brandon Moore, 22 of Jackson; and Melissa Martella, 30, of Egg Harbor Township.

They were charged with conspiracy, possession, and distribution of drugs and were taken to the Atlantic County Justice Facility.

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