I'm starting to feel like I missed the announcement of a new traffic law in New Jersey.

I like to think I'm pretty up on things, but the change seems so prevalent these days, I feel like I'm the odd man out.

Is red the new green?  Allow me to explain.

Is Red the New Green?

I love going to concerts in Atlantic City.  It's an opportunity to see some great acts, in an intimate setting.

It was after one of these shows, that I noticed a very dangerous trend.

I was amazed at how many people were blowing through red lights.

I'm not talking about people speeding through yellow lights.  Block after block after block, people were going full speed through red lights.

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It was so bad, that I found myself slowing down as I approached green lights.

On this particular evening, I counted 5 different cars blowing through red lights.  I almost got clipped twice.

This is a dangerous trend.  And this isn't just an Atlantic City trend.

Not Just an Atlantic City Problem

At least a couple of times a week, I see people going through red lights at the 5-point intersection at Back-Horse Pike and Route 9.

That's not all.

For those of us who do stop for red lights, how frustrating is it to be 4 cars back, watch a light turn green, and then not make it through because someone in front of you is texting or checking their Facebook page?

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According to the AAA Foundation, 86% of drivers surveyed said they believe running a red light is extremely dangerous, yet so many continue to do it.

NJ law states that drivers with a green light have the right of way, when the light is amber drivers need to slow down, and red means you must come to a complete stop.

Running a Red Light in NJ Can Be Costly

The penalty for running a red light in New Jersey can be expensive.  Failure to observe a traffic signal  (39:4-81), can result in 2 points and an insurance surcharge as well as a fine of up to $200.

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