Experts say that after California, New Jersey is the state with the strictest gun laws in the nation.

Owning a gun is simply an issue of Second Amendment rights. Many New Jerseyans own firearms for enjoyment or protection.

The world is a dangerous place, and many New Jersey gun owners feel a good guy with a gun must be ready and willing to stop a bad guy with a gun.

But, in New Jersey, you can easily lose the right to own firearms for several reasons. NJ's gun owners must make themselves familiar with the reasons why their guns could be taken from them.

Your Gun Can Be Confiscated If it's Illegal or Was Involved in a Crime

-  If the gun was illegally obtained or carried and is considered contraband.

-  If the gun was part of an illegal activity, even if it wasn't fired.

Your Legally Obtained and Operated Guns Can Also Be Confiscated in New Jersey

- If the gun owner is subject to an active restraining order

- If the gun owner is on probation

- If there’s probable cause to believe that someone is threatened by the possession of a weapon by the gun owner

- If the gun owner has communicated a threat of serious physical violence against a specific individual or themselves.

- If there is reason to believe the gun owner intends to carry out an act of serious physical violence against a specific individual or themselves.

Some of These Reasons Fall Under NJ's "Red Flag Law"

In April 2021, Governor Phil Murphy approved a “red flag” law that expanded the state's powers to seize firearms under the guise of protective orders.

The law allows a family member or the police to file a petition for confiscation of the weapon if they believe that the gun owner poses a significant danger of bodily injury to themselves or others by owning or buying a firearm or ammunition.

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