In a recent report by World Population Review,  New Jersey is ranked 28th in the country in inmate population.

According to New Jersey Department of Corrections statistics, there are approximately 13,000 inmates housed by the state.

Inmates are spread out among 9 corrections facilities across the state.

Of all those incarcerated, 71% of those behind bars, are doing time for violent acts that include, murder, sexual assault, aggravated and simple assault, and more.

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When inmates abscond from one of those facilities, they become a dangerous threat to the community.

Authorities work diligently to find and get the felons back behind bars.  They depend on the public's assistance to find those who are wanted by the law.

Photo: New Jersey Department of Corrections
Photo: New Jersey Department of Corrections

Marcus K. Fletcher        Date of Birth:  August 27, 1984 (40)

Sex:  Male          Race:  Black

Hair:  Black        Eyes:  Brown

Height:  6'1"       Weight:  215

Sentenced for:  Drugs and weapons offenses.

Photo: ACSO
Photo: ACSO

 Laura Stanhope     Date of Birth:  November 16, 1991 (33)

Sex:  Female     Race:  Caucassion

Height:  5'7"       Weight:  130

Wanted for:  Receiving stolen property, resisting arrest weapons, and escape.

Photo: New Jersey Department of Corrections
Photo: New Jersey Department of Corrections

Tian D. Brown     Date of Birth:  August 17, 1997  (27)

Sex:  Male       Race:  Black

Hair:  Black     Eyes:  Brown

Height:  5'7"    Weight:  150

Sentenced for:  Weapons Charges

If you see these individuals or have information on their whereabouts, authorities ask you to call 9-1-1.

These individuals should be considered armed and dangerous.  Authorities warn that you should never approach these subjects yourself.

Any information submitted will be kept strictly confidential.

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