Dog lovers, I wanted to share a great idea we came across that was thought of by new homeowners in Margate.

Behind the door is a secret to a dog's happiness.

Cari Gilman Lasdon/Facebook
Cari Gilman Lasdon/Facebook

The Schwab family has created a doggie gumball machine, complete with a sign that reads, "All dogs take a treat!"

Doesn't this photo make you smile?

The social media comments about the photo also make me smile.

Wow that’s so nice!


The cutest thing ever!❤
Saw this the other day.... kind of renewed my faith in humanity...
Love kind people like this !!
They are a treasure in our world. !!
After a week of unsettling news and dark clouds of smoke, isn't it nice to see such kindness?
Every dog in town will want to take a walk by this house. I know my dog will.
The best part of the Facebook comments came when the woman who put out the dog bone gumball machine saw the photo posted and replied about it.
This is my house - please say hi we love dogs and people and just moved here ! The town has been so friendly, it is incredible! Thank you 😊 💙
No, thank you! Welcome to South Jersey and welcome to Margate, Schawb family!

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