Kids...your spring break may be in jeopardy! Dun...dun...dun...

Eddie Davis recently let you know that two schools in Atlantic County are currently closed because of the presence of mold.

Well in Buena Regional, the two schools that are affected is J.P. Clearly Elementary School in Minotola and Collings Lakes Elementary School.

Cleary is set to be closed for three weeks and Collings Lake will be closed for at least two more weeks -- if you do the math, that is nearly all of the allotted snow days and vacations combined! And just a reminder, kids must attend school for 180 days for it to count as a full school year.

Alternative locations are currently being researched but that may not be enough to salvage the student’s vacation.

So far no official comments have been released of how they will be proceeding once the situation is figured out, but honestly kids…I would mentally prepare for not too many breaks if I were you.

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