It's the start of a new year, and I'm sharing this heartfelt plea with my fellow pet owners. Please get tags for your pets.

As I scroll through Facebook and read through the local pages, it's heartbreaking to see pictures and stories of dogs and cats that are lost or found.

I can't imagine how I'd handle losing my dogs.  As well-trained as your pet may be, things happen, and it's not uncommon for dogs or cats to get out.

What baffles me most, is there are two very inexpensive ways to ensure your pet finds its way home, yet many pet owners fail to take advantage.

Get a dog tag for your pet.  They're not expensive.  You can get them at most pet stores, or online at or Amazon.  Is your pet worth 8 bucks?

Another suggestion is to get your pet chipped.  This is a painless procedure that your vet can do.  They insert a small computer chip just under your dog's skin- usually between its shoulder blades.

The chip contains a registration number.  If your dog is ever lost, the person who finds the dog can bring it to virtually any veterinarian's office or shelter, and by scanning the chip, they can reconnect the pet with its family.

The cost of getting your dog chipped is usually 50-60 bucks.  Many times, shelters offer deals and if you adopt a pet, the shelter will usually already have inserted a chip.

It's a new year.  If your pet doesn't have a collar and tag, why not get one today?  It could save you from heartbreak in the future.

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