Dog owners....this is scary but in this case, knowledge is power.

A notice is currently circulating around on Facebook warning dog owners to keep their fur babies close and under surveillance at all times.

(Thank you to Pamela Lockner for the warning)

Pamela Lockner on FB
Pamela Lockner on FB

This is because dog kidnappings are on the rise.

Why? Why else....MONEY. And with the added stress of COVID-19, people may be that much more willing to do anything to put those much-needed funds in their pocket.

As you see on the flyer, "Every dog has a value, whether for resale, ransom, breeding or baiting." 

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So here is what you can do:

1. NEVER leave your dog unattended.

I know it is so much easier to let your dog out into your fenced-in backyard but this is a dog nappers dream.

This also includes leaving your dog in cards, outside shops and front driveways.

2. Be AWARE while walking your dog 

There have been cases where dog kidnappers will physically snatch dogs while being walked by their owner. Be aware of your surroundings because they will usually follow you for some time before actually committing the crime.

3. DON'T let young children walk your dog 

If your child, neighbor, friend, niece, nephew or grandchild wants to walk your dog, go with them.

4. DON'T post to the #MeetMyDogChallenge...or any other social media challenge for that matter

Are your dogs cute? Absolutely. Do I want to see and learn about them? Absolutely.

But when you post photos and information as thorough as THIS, you are giving dog nappers all the tools they need to easily kidnap your dog.

5. Make sure your MICROCHIP your dog 

If your dog's information is up to date and they are microchipped, the hope is that eventually he/she will be brought to a shelter or police station and they can be returned to you.

People are sick. I know I would beyond devastated if Carolina were taken and I am assuming you would feel the same.

So just like the flyer says....

"Let's fight back against the thieves and make dog theft as difficult as possible for them!" 

Dog owners unite.

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