This heat is no joke people.

At least humans have the capability to sweat but dogs don't have that capability and may need some extra help in this weather to keep cool.

Cats are able to, "sweat through their paws and are able to regular their body temperature by adapting to their environment,"  but could always use the extra help according to

Fresh Water

Yes, this one seems rather obvious but you probably don't realize how quickly their water warms up when the weather is this hot outside. Use ice cubes and change their water often so that then they drink it, it actually offers them refreshment.

Walk In the AM/PM

Expecting your dog (or cat -- if you dare to try) to exercise during the peak of the heat wave can be very dangerous. Take them for their daily walks during the early morning or late afternoon so their body temperature is not pushed to the limit.

Feel The Concrete

Take the back of your hand and feel the concrete. If it is uncomfortably hot for you, then it is uncomfortable on your dog or cat's paws. So maybe avoid going for a walk until it cools down and keep a close eye on them while outside near concrete.

Keep Your House Cool

The air conditioning is your best friend and can make a huge difference for your dog or outdoor cat during a hot day. Of course, they love to be outside but as long as they have access to immediate relief when needed, then you are good to go.

Cold Treats

There are recipes for puppy ice pops and cat ice pops all over the place and this is the weather to take advantage. (You could probably find cold, yummy treats for almost any pet) All depending on your pup's favorite flavors, pick the recipe that is best suited.

Watch At-Risk Dogs

Smaller dogs such as pugs or bulldogs have smaller airways which means it is harder for them to pant as fast as necessary to lower their body temperature. Keep a close eye so you can intervene before disaster strikes.


While their long fur keeps them warm during the winter, you may not want the same affect during the Summer. Stay on top of their grooming and keep their fur short and clean so that fur designed to keep them warm doesn't add any extra heat during those hot days.

Cooling Pads

They actually sell pads that your pet can lay on that will help to keep their body temperature cool. They are very affordable and there are all different types. Just take a look!

Watch For Signs Of Overheating

Keep a close eye because even if you do everything right, overheating is very possible. Symptoms can include heavy panting, heavy drooling, trouble breathing, rapid heartbeat, dark or red gums and tongue, dizziness, weakness, and agitation. If this is the case, get him/her to the vet RIGHT AWAY.

A lot of this information came from Take a closer look by clicking on the link.

If we are missing any major tips, comment below so everyone can keep their pets safe and healthy this Summer.

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