We've had some ridiculously nice weather lately, and there's nothing worse than being stuck inside on a nice day!

Sometimes you just need to forget your responsibilities and play a little hooky! Here's 7 great excuses to use the next time you need a last minute day off...

(Important note: Lying is bad. Also, as a fairly superstitious person, I'd be easy on claiming someone you really know and love has died or something cause...you don't want that guilt if it actually happens after that!)

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    Faking sick

    This is the most obvious choice, and tends to work the best. If you know you're skipping out of work on say, a Friday...maybe start working on your fake cough by Wednesday afternoon. Thursday morning you are CLEARLY coming down with something! (Even better, just tell people you caught a stomach bug. You'll never get follow up questions!)


    Make up a "religious holiday."

  • Milo Ventimiglia via Twitter
    Milo Ventimiglia via Twitter

    Too Emotional After an Episode of "This is Us."

    Unless your boss is a monster, they'll TOTALLY understand. Plus, Milo Ventimiglia posted a note last week for you to take to work for this very reason!

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    Faking a family emergency

    I mean, really, I'm superstitious AND ultra-paranoid about stuff like this, so even the thought of it makes me uncomfortable, but if you have little to no soul and/or conscience, it seems like Aunt Betty got in an accident and you need to go be with your family...

  • Laurie Cataldo
    Laurie Cataldo

    Car trouble

    Ugh, you went to start your car to leave for work, and nothin! Or...what's that? Is that a flat tire? Oh, the tow truck's gonna be a 3 hour wait? Shoot, seems like you'll never get to work in time now...

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    Jury duty

    This one is risky, because your boss may ask for proof...in which case you'll have to get REALLY good with Photoshop!

  • Tips for parents looking for babysitters this summer. (Dennis Tokarzewski, ThinkStock)
    Tips for parents looking for babysitters this summer. (Dennis Tokarzewski, ThinkStock)

    No babysitter/school/etc.

    Granted this one only works if you have and/or are responsible for a kid or two...but it looks like the daycare got shut down today because of some weird outbreak...or maybe your sitter had a family emergency...or car trouble...or was overly emotional after (WAIT A MINUTE...)

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