6ABC Action News Meteorologist Adam Joseph posted an update video Monday chronicling his three week-battle with COVID-19.

In this second Facebook video concerning his family's struggles with COVID, Joseph revealed that although he is fully vaccinated, he caught a breakthrough case of COVID from an unvaccinated family member who was staying with his family while fighting their own battle with COVID-19.

In an initial video released on Facebook on July 19, Joseph talked about allowing an unvaccinated family member, who had tested negative for COVID-19, to stay with his family. Joseph says that he and his husband Carl are both vaccinated for COVID-19. Their two children, a five and six-year boy and girl are too young to be vaccinated.

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Shortly after the family member arrived, the person became openly sick with COVID-19 and has been quarantining at Joseph's house since.

Soon, both of Joseph's children became sick with COVID symptoms. Then the woman who works as the couples' in-home child care worker also became sick with COVID-19.

Shortly after posting the first video, Joseph says he fell ill with the disease, which began with a case of pinkeye, followed by head cold symptoms, aches and pains, and an itchy body rash. Joseph also lost his sense of taste and smell for a time but did not experience any breathing problems, which can be a common side effect of COVID.

He is of the feeling that his case of COVID would have been much more serious if he had not been vaccinated.

Joseph says that both he and his children have now recovered from their COVID side effects. He also reads an apology from the unidentified family member who infected everyone else.

I was selfish to think it was a personal choice to be vaccinated. I never thought I'd get it, or pass it on to strangers, or, most importantly, to my family members. I was stupid, I was wrong and I'm sorry. I will be getting vaccinated as soon as possible.

Adam Joseph will be back doing weather reports on the 6ABC News beginning today.

Watch Adam Joseph's video...

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