Six Flag's Great Adventure's 30-Hour Coffin Challenge is returning for 2019 and the contestants have JUST been revealed.

There is not one...not two...but THREE Jersey Shore residents that will be competing for the gold.

Now before we meet the contestants, here is a reminder of what the 30-Hour Coffin Challenge entails:

From 2:30 PM on Sunday October 13th until 8:30 PM on Monday, October 14th, six contestants will be living inside of a coffin without being allowed to sleep.

This year, there will be challenges (which will include live bugs, snakes, ghouls and goblins. YIKES!) and trivia so contestants can earn points and penalties.

Six Flags Great Adventure
Six Flags Great Adventure

The rules are also a bit tougher - participants can only leave their coffin for 13 minutes at a time every three hours to use the restroom and check their phone. (Last year, participants could leave their coffin once every hour) 

The grand prize winner will get two Six Flags Gold Passes, two Fright Fest haunted maze passes and $600!

Runners up will win Fright Fest day passes or Six Flags Great Adventure season passes.

Now that you were given a refresher course, let's meet the most important contestants, those represent the Jersey Shore:

Kerri Platt

47 Years Old

Forked River

Kerri's story screams one trait: selflessness. According to, she is "a mother who nearly died in childbirth and last year donated a kidney to her mother," If there is anyone that deserves to compete, it is Ms. Platt.

LynnAnn Joyce

44 Years Old

Seaside Heights

Ms. Joyce is actually competing along side her 18-year-old daughter. I don't know about you but that would make me that much more competitive because who wants to be outlasted by their 18-year-old daughter?!

Alairra Craven

18 Years Old

Seaside Heights

This little dare devil just completed basic training for the U.S. Army and now has decided to try and conquer the 30-Hour Coffin Challenge. She is the daughter of the mother-daughter-duo that is competing. Alairra, I hope you outlast your mom because if you don't, she will NEVER let you live it down.

Let the countdown begin because this year sounds like it is going to be good.

Now let's hope that one of the Jersey Shore contestants is crowned the winner!

To check out the list of ALL the contestants that will be competing, head to

You can also check out Six Flags Great Adventure's website.

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