We have all seen it happen.

A group of kids ring someone's doorbell on Halloween and the person who answers asks everyone to scream: "TRICK OR TREAT!"

Well a mother named Omairis Taylor who has a 3-year-old son with autism and is nonverbal because of it has come up with a solution so that kids with all sorts of capabilities can participate this Halloween.

She suggested that any child who has autism should carry a blue trick-or-treating bucket to signal to the public. That way they will know not to take it personal when parents have to be the one to say "Trick-or-treat!" for their son or daughter.

She finishes her post with a statement that I hope sticks with you:

P.s. I have made this post public in hopes you will share and get the BLUE BUCKET message out there for Autism Awareness and acceptance this Halloween💙🎃💙🎃💙🎃💙

This systematic symbol is genius and I only see there being positive benefits from implementing it EVERYWHERE.

There is an estimated 1.5 MILLION kids with Autism in America alone and we should be working out a way to cater to their needs so they can still enjoy the holiday.

Think about kids who struggle from sensory overload. Halloween is FULL OF IT. Between Halloween decorations, kids and their parents running about and any other surprises that may pop out at any moment, it can be a lot to take in.

People need to be aware if a child is a bit more delicate so everyone can enjoy Halloween the way they prefer it.

Well done, Omairis.

Let's keep the sharing going. Click HERE to be taken to Omairis' Facebook Post.

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