I used to live in an Egg Harbor Township neighborhood that was built for trick or treating: Quiet streets and a lot of houses close together.

Every Halloween, it was like New York Times Square on New Year's Eve - people everywhere! In this case, the people were primarily kids and ran everywhere - up and down the sidewalks, across lawns, darting across streets.

No matter how much candy we bought, it was never enough and we ran out early.

While our neighborhood had a lot of kids who lived there, carloads of kids would be brought in "from the outside" to trick or treat where in our neighborhood.

Many of us didn't mind, but some people were irate each and every year! They didn't like "outsiders" coming into our neighborhood.

So, that's the question today: Is it Ok to trick or treat in other neighborhoods, or should kids "stay home."

I should mention we're talking about younger kids, mostly those who need a chaperone to walk around. We know that as kids get older - and more independent - they'll go out with friends to whatever neighborhood their friends are hanging out.

So answer the poll and let us know!

Happy Trick or Treating and Happy Halloween!

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