I feel like this discussion comes up every year. And rightfully so!

Here is the big question: If Halloween happens to fall on a weekday, when should the kids Trick-or-Treat? 

Should the candy hunting remain on the actual holiday itself or should the sugary fun be postponed until the next upcoming weekend?

I get that there is excitement on the actual holiday but I am totally in favor for the weekend Trick-or-Treating session.

The kids don't have to worry about homework or school the next day and parents can focus on spending time with their kids as opposed to going through the motions because otherwise, they will be exhausted at work the next day.

PLUS, how are you supposed to effectively sit down and trade candy with your siblings or friends afterward if you know that you have school the next day?! It is definitely not as fun.

So tell me...do you agree? '

P.S. If you have extra candy come this Halloween, I am GLADLY able to take it off your hands.

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