Three Hammonton businesses are stepping up to donate supplies for South Jersey's first responders, as they deal with the threat of being exposed to coronavirus while doing their jobs keeping the community safe.

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Now, police, firefighters and paramedics not only have to think about the gravity of the situation at the 911 call they’re racing toward, but the health of the household.

Depending on the likelihood that the caller is a COVID-19 patient, the first responders will wear varying levels of protective gear: This could range from masks, goggles and gloves to hazmat suits.

The Hammonton Police Department took to their Facebook page to recognize three Hammonton businesses which have donated Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) masks and other equipment to these first responders.

Hammonton Police singled out Massarelli’s, a Hammonton company making fine cast stone statues and garden accents and Asphalt Paving Systems of Hammonton for donating reusable PPE Masks.

Waterproofing 4 Less of Hammonton was  also recognized by police for donating PPE Tyvek suit, cleaner supplies, and some masks to be used by first responders, saying...

Your generosity in these difficult times is greatly appreciated. You have increased the health safety of our first responders to protect and serve the town of Hammonton.

These companies deserve our recognition, too, and remember them the next time you need their products or services!

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