Happy "International Talk Like a Pirate Day"! Okay, it's a phony holiday, but it's still strangely fun to talk like a pirate.

According to USA Today, the idea for International Talk Like a Pirate Day came to friends John Baur and Mark Summers back in 1995, when they started using pirate slang while playing racquetball. Twenty two years later, their made-up holiday is an annual curiosity.

Thanks to pirateglossery.com, here are ten swashbuckling phrases to use today for International Talk Like a Pirate Day...

- ahoy: An interjection used to hail a ship or a person, or to attract attention.

- Arr!  An exclamation.

- Blimey! An exclamation of surprise, short for "God blind me!", which is very common to this day in Britain and sometimes shortened less to"Gor blimey" or "Cor blimey."

- Davy Jones’ Locker: A fictional place at the bottom of the ocean. In short, a term meaning death. Davy Jones was said to sink every ship he ever over took, and thus, the watery grave that awaited all who were sunk by him was given his name. To die at sea is to go to Davy Jones' Locker.

- bucko: A familiar term meaning friend.

- landlubber: A person unfamiliar with the sea or seamanship. The term doesn't derive from "land lover," but rather from the root of lubber, meaning clumsy or uncoordinated. Thus, a landlubber is one who is awkward at sea for familiarity with the land. The term is used to insult the abilities of one at sea.

- Shiver me timbers!: An expression of surprise or strong emotion. In stormy weather and rough seas, the support timbers of a ship would "shiver" which might startle the crew.

- scallywag : A villainous or mischievous person.

- swashbuckler: An adventurous, romantic swordsman who is also chivalrous, witty, and generally has a sense of humor.

wench: A young woman or peasant girl, sometimes a prostitute.

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