Have you considered how many great memories we have stored on phones from photos we have taken on the spur of the moment?

It is just so convenient to be able to pull out your phone in almost any circumstance and snap a shot that we never would have caught in the days of a traditional camera.

We thought it might be fun to collect a group of favorite phone photos that only have one thing in common. They were all taken this summer.

I put out the request on social media for your favorite summer 2022 phone photo and listeners submitted dozens of great pics within a couple of days.

We grouped them all together in a gallery you can see below.

I think it is so cool. When looked at with that in mind, the photos tell a story about a moment in time -- the summer of 2022.

There are pictures of family, and lots of kids, which is great -- plus weddings, honeymoons, and people smiling big smiles.

Vacations were a popular topic and we have pics of crowded beaches, empty beaches, and people sitting on beaches. There are at least two photos of Niagara Falls and I love them both.

Pets are always ready for a picture and we have horses, birds, a cat, a frog, and several dogs.

And many of the always popular photos of how beautiful nature is with sunrises, sunsets, and a rainbow.

Thanks to all who submitted photos and sorry to those who submitted a photo a little late and didn't make the cut this time.

It's wonderful that you took the time to add to our Favorite Summer of '22 Phone Pics Photo Album. Enjoy every last minute of the summer of 2022!

Here are the photos.


Your Favorite Summer of '22 Phone Pics Photo Album

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