You have to give employees on the overnight shift at Wawa credit for the abuse that can come with working those hours. This is an extreme case of abuse of a Wawa worker.

Overnight Worker at PA Wawa Assualted in the Store

Lower Southampton, Bucks County Police say that the man pictured entered the Wawa on Rosewood Ave. in Trevose, PA, and began an argument with a Wawa employee at 2:40 am on Monday, Nov 4.

The suspect then took off his sweatshirt, went behind the deli counter, and assaulted the employee. When police watched the store surveillance video of the attack, they saw several customers in the store at the time who may have witnessed this incident.

Other Customers Saw This Assault?

That can't be known for sure, but it's hard to believe that several other people were in the store at the time and none heard the dispute between this man and the worker or saw the suspect assault the employee.

Police Are Asking for Help Finding This Suspect

Lower Southampton Township Police are asking for the public’s assistance in identifying the man. If you have any information, call police at 215-357-1235 ext 339.

I realize most people reading this don't live close to Trevose, PA, but something about this incident bothered me. Someone should have come to the worker's assistance or come forward to the police by now.

This could happen in your local Wawa.

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