Have you ever thought about having a portrait done of your pet?

I know that I often look back and wish I had something special to remind me of my departed fur babies.  I would have loved to have a a beautiful portrait hanging on my wall.

Now, you have an opportunity to win a portrait of your best buddies, and best of all, you get to help other animals in need.

Fawns Fortress is a small but growing animal sanctuary here in Atlantic County.  The job they do is a difficult one.  Fortunately, there are organizations, and people, who do the work others can't stomach.

Fawns Fortress takes in animals that were abused, abandoned, exploited or otherwise neglected.  You can only imagine the money it costs to run such an operation.  They survive with financial support and volunteers from the community.

Fawns Fortress via Facebook
Fawns Fortress via Facebook

Now, you can help, and possibly get a beautiful custom, acrylic-painted portrait of your pet.  Laura Aceto is a local artist who loves doing animal portraits and she has donated her talents to help raise money for the sanctuary.

Between now and March 15th, anyone who donates $25 to the Fawns Fortress sanctuary will be entered into a drawing for a custom portrait of their pet.  In addition, anyone who donates $200, will automatically receive a custom portrait.

Fawns Fortress via Facebook
Fawns Fortress via Facebook

It's a great way to create a lifelong memory, while helping others.  Find out how to enter by visiting their Facebook page.

There are other ways you can help.  Fawns Fortress has an Amazon Wishlist you can help with.  As you can imagine, their needs are many, and every little bit helps.

Understandably, not everyone has the means to contribute money.  They welcome volunteers, and what a great way to help teach kids about compassion.

Fawns Fortress is a 501c3 organization.

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