By now you have heard that two people died during the dangerous events of the unsanctioned car rally that caused havoc Saturday night in the Wildwoods.

I wanted to tell you about a local restaurant that has rallied around the first responders who tried to protect people from this rally.

The unauthorized H2Oi or H2O22 rally is the latest in a series of pop-up rallies, with previous controversial gatherings being held in Ocean City, Maryland, and elsewhere. Wherever these rallies have taken place, chaos has been the end result.

"Make no mistake that the tragic and dangerous events over the last several days in Wildwood, Rio Grande, Seaville and surrounding communities are a direct result of the organizers of a pop-up car rally self-identified as H2Oi or
H2O22," Cape May County Prosecutor Jeffrey Sutherland said in a release. "Directing hundreds if not thousands of people driving high-performance vehicles to an area without any planning, staging or permitting created the chaos that
led to these deaths and injuries."

Sutherland also thanked police from other South Jersey communities who went to Wildwood to help keep the peace and protect innocent bystanders.

After a local North Wildwood restaurant heard about the actions of the police to keep the community safe, they stepped up Sunday to thank all first responders with free meals Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for the work they did this weekend and the good work they do all the time to protect us and come to our assistance.

North Wildwood's Surfing Pig posted the offer on their Facebook page to all police fire and EMS.

Attention all Police, Fire and EMT: Please join us at The Surfing Pig this Monday through Wednesday for Free Meals (alcohol not included per NJABC rules).
We truly cannot thank you enough for all of your efforts in keeping our communities safe throughout this challenging past weekend and every weekend. Thank you for the service, bravery and dedication you exemplify everyday. The Surfing Pig is forever grateful for your continued efforts in our amazing community.
This is the kind of community response that means so much to these first responders, who so often are taken for granted. Way to go, Surfing Pig!

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