Wildwood has a boardwalk that is over 100 years old and now the town is looking to the state to pick up the rather hefty tab for its reconstruction.

The City Commission just approved the boardwalk makeover but the total cost is a doozy -- a whopping $64.5 million.

"I pray to God, and I am hopeful that [the funding] comes to fruition because there is no way I can tax the people," said Mayor Ernie Troiano.

Um...you are correct that this kind of money cannot come from the residents' pockets.

The goal is to have all infrastructure including sanitary sewer, water piping and fiber optics upgraded and to be rebuilt with a concrete understructure and hardwood decking.

Here is an event further breakdown:

Oak Avenue to 26th Avenue: $25.5 million

Montgomery Avenue to Schellenger Avenue: $20.7 million

Cresse Avenue to Burk Avenue: $18.3 million

The goal is for this project to kick off in the fall if the money does come through.

What do you think -- does the Wildwood Boardwalk need a makeover?

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