If there's one thing New Jersey takes pride in, it's pizza.  For anyone who's ever lived out of state, you know how bad it can get.

Outside of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, it's slim pickings.  Have you ever wondered what makes our pizza so special?

I've done thorough research to try to uncover the secret to good pizza, and these are my findings.

1.  It's all in the tomatoes.

New Jersey is known for our tomatoes almost as much as our pizza.  Our location affords us very good climate conditions, and our soil is high in loam (sand, silt, clay).  Combined, this gives us those delicious tomatoes we love to eat.  These tomatoes help to make the incredible sauce we love.


2.  Tradition

New Jersey is no Johnny come lately.  Sure, pineapple on pizza is cute, but here in Jersey?  I remember back in the day, each Friday, there would be a line around the block wait for their tomato pie at DeLorenzo's in Trenton.  These were made with high quality ingredients that included fresh tomatoes, basil, and dough.

3.  Fresh, homegrown herbs

Ok, so we've already covered the tomatoes, but New Jersey also produces a wide variety of herbs and spices that are used to add flavor to the sauce.  One of the most important herbs that help create the pizza we love is Oregano.  New Jersey just so happens to grow a bumper crop of the stuff.

4.  Italian Immigrants

In the late 1800's, a large number of Italians immigrated to the United States.  Many of those immigrants found their way to New Jersey where they settled and built their lives.  As the immigrants settled, they brought their traditions with them that have been passed down through the years.


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