Sure, I can get into a good football game or basketball game, but it is not my top priority and I am even less interested when my team isn't playing.  I have to admit, I am much more interested when my team is winning...aren't we all?  There is no doubt that there are many female sports fans,  but let’s be honest, the love of sports and dedication to every sports detail is still primarily a male thing. Why? Well, there are several reasons.

Although more girls now participate in sports, there are still more boys playing sports than girls. And sports bond men together. You watch together, you go to games together and you talk about it during and after the games. People who normally wouldn’t have anything else in common can often bond over sports.

Whenever I go away with my husband and we meet another couple, the men invariably talk about the sports team they follow and then, of course, the players, the coach, the latest game - details that leave me and the other woman without much to contribute. But, that’s ok, because we will usually be talking about something else by then! I joke with my husband and say without sports, what would you talk about with other guys. Sports are definitely a good ice breaker.

In addition, sports also help men relax, unwind and take their mind off daily obligations, but here is something most of us have not heard of that is believed by some to be responsible for men's love of sports. It is called lek. It can be described as an area where two or more males of any species showcase displays of courtship. Lek is found in birds, mammals, and insects. As crazy as it sounds, this is an authentic argument that links back to the love of sports for men.

Men have always been naturally competitive. When men watch others play, it acts as a way for men to scout potential competitors. Physical activities have played a major part in preparing for warfare as well. In this day and age, sports are equivalent to the last man standing from ancient times. It’s all about impressing our peers while showing off your skill set while analyzing the skills of others.

Or maybe, then again, maybe they just like watching the game.

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