Tonight from 8-10 pm is the 2-hour live season finale of The Voice when we will hear the results of the voting and the judges' decision on the winner of Season 24 of the NBC singing competition.

Why Mara Justine Should Win The Voice

Sure, I might not be completely impartial on the outcome tonight. I would love to see Mara Justine, our local Galloway Township contestant win, but I also believe that she deserves to win. Let me tell you why.

After watching the five finalists, it seems this competition comes down to Mara Justine and Huntley. Ruby Leigh, Lila Forde, and Jacquie Roar all had issues with their finale performances and song choices that showed they didn't deserve to win.

Huntley, who may have gone into the finale as the odds-on favorite, did a great job with his version of Tom Odell's song "Another Love" for his ballad, but his take on Creed's "Higher' seemed like a bit of a mess to me.

Mara Justine's Performances Were Spot-On

Mara simply got it right on both of her songs Monday night. Her gorgeous take on Adele's ballad "Turning Tables' was compelling and perhaps the most professional vocal she has presented during her run on The Voice.

Then, when it came her turn to rock it out, her choice of songs was perfect. Who hasn't been waiting to see Mara tackle Janis Joplin? It was a masterclass. Her years of training and big show experience set Mara Justine apart.

She is the winner. Does that mean that Mara will win the show? Since it's a voting-based popularity contest, it does not. But she should win.

Watch Mara Justine's Monday Night Performances

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