The local South Jersey contestant on NBC's The Voice, Mara Justine, continued to impress the judges on Tuesday night as she advanced to the Top 12 Live Show round.

Mara, 21, from Galloway, sang Florence + The Machine's "You've Got the Love".

What Did the Coaches Say About Mara's Performance?

Reba called Mara's performance an “emotional rollercoaster of excitement” and Gwen said she loves that she remains herself in every song that she chooses. John Legend said it was her strongest performance yet on the show.

Coach Niall Haran said, “Mara’s perfect for the live shows because of the energy she brings".

Who Advanced From Team Niall?

Niall was left with the decision of how to whittle his team down from six to three contestants. In the end, he chose Mara Justine, Huntley, and Nini Iris to move on to the Live Shows, eliminating Claudia B., Alexa Wildish, and, the artist that Niall had brought back with his “Super Save”, Julia Roome.

What's Next For Mara Justine?

Mara will move on to the Live Shows with the top 12 contestants beginning on Dec 4th. The Top 12 results air live on Tuesday, December 5 on NBC

How Did Galloway's Mara Justine Become a Contestant on The Voice?

Mara has years of experience doing club and charity gigs around South Jersey, and The Voice is just her latest national TV singing competition. She previously appeared on NBC's America's Got Talent in 2014 and advanced to the top 14 on Fox-TV's American Idol in 2018.

Watch Mara Justine's Latest Performance on The Voice

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