If you are driving in Stafford Township, you may see a driver handing a police officer a blue envelope. What does that mean?

Stafford Township Police Department is the latest police force to join the "Blue Envelope Program".

Stafford Township Police Join the Blue Envelope Program

The Blue Envelope Program "is all about making our interactions with individuals on the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) smoother and more supportive during traffic stops or motor vehicle interaction," Stafford police announced in a Facebook post on Thursday.

How Does the Blue Envelope Program Work?

Autistic drivers are given a blue envelope to ensure clear, respectful communication between themselves and officers in the case of a traffic stop - an anxiety-inducing experience for anyone, especially those with autism.

The Stafford Township Police Facebook post explains.

The envelope includes easy-to-follow instructions printed right on it, making things a breeze for both the individual and our officers. The Blue Envelope also lets us know if the individual is verbal or non-verbal, ensuring we communicate in the best way possible.


Inside, police will find all the important documents you need for a traffic stop:
driver's license, registration, insurance card, and helpful contact information.


Where Did the Blue Envelope Program Begin?

The program was created in Connecticut in 2020 to address concerns of autistic drivers and those who love them. The 'Blue Envelope' was created to enhance communication between a police officer and a driver with autism.

How Can an Autistic Driver Get a Blue Envelope?

If you or your loved one would benefit from a blue envelope, you can get one at the Stafford Township Police Department, 260 East Bay Avenue, or at Atlantic Driving School, 712 East Bay Avenue Ste 22A.

Atlantic Driving School is sponsoring this initiative in Stafford Township.

If you have any questions regarding this program, reach out to Community Policing Officer, Anthony Vincent at 609-597-1189 ext. 8467
If you live in a South Jersey town that doesn't offer the Blue Envelope Program, tell them to get with the program and make the initiative part of their policing program.

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