There was lots of speculation on social media over the weekend about what happened to a store in Somers Point's Ocean Heights Plaza that closed suddenly.

But no one seems to know for sure what happened to Bargain Bins Super Store.

Bargain Bins Super Store announced they were opening in December 2022, but workers in the Nail and Beauty Spa next door in Ocean Heights Plaza told me on Sunday that the store only opened about a month ago.

Saturday, Bargain Bins closed permanently.

Do you know what happened?

I am curious about a business that failed so quickly. What kind of business plan did they have? We'll either strike it rich in the first month or just close up shop.

The store was to the right of ShopRite in the plaza, at the far end of the shops. The location had previously been Snap Fitness, which closed in March 2022.

Bargain Bins Super Store didn't leave much of an online footprint. A search of Bargain Bins Superstore brings up one listing, a short mention in a late December 2022 edition of the Press of Atlantic City...

Bargain Bins Super Store

A new bargain store is heading to Somers Point in the Ocean Heights Plaza. This spot is located at the far right end of the shops and will be open for business soon.

Other than that, nothing specific comes up online for Bargain Bins Super Store. How is this even possible in today's world? No wonder they went out of business.

Bins stores are popping up all over the country, selling liquidation, overstock, shelf pulls, and returned items to the public. Inventory sometimes comes from Amazon, but could also be from any retail store.

Back in the day, many stores had a section with bargain bins, often in the very back of the store. Most of the time they were a hodgepodge of items and if you dug through the bin, you might end up with a treasure -- or at least a very good deal.

In today's business model, the bargain bin isn't in the back of the store, the bargains are the entire shopping experience. These stores are bin stores.

That doesn't answer the question of what happened to Bargain Bin Super Store in Ocean Heights Plaza.

Could it be that Bargain Bin Super Store was never considered a permanent tenant for the shopping center anyway?

The store didn't have a real sign on the front of the building, just a cheap banner with their name affixed to the wall. Were they just filling time until a real business could open?

Eddie Davis
Eddie Davis


Ocean Heights Plaza is owned by Brixmor, a national company that owns and operates approximately 370 retail centers across the country.

There was no response Monday to my repeated calls to Brixmor for information. Certainly, someone at this company has to know what happened to their tenant, right?

The question remains. Why did this store close after one month in business? It seems like an odd fate for a place called a "superstore".

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