There are a lot of different genres of performances in Atlantic City but one major category is missing: improv.

Well this weekend, that will all be taken care of!

On Saturday, March 23rd kicking off at 9:00 PM at Ocean Resort Casino, come on out for the live improve comedy show titled, "Who's Live Anyway?" 

Sound familiar? That is because the concept is based on the improv television series "Whose Line is it Anyway?" hosted by Drew Carey and ran on ABC from 1998 to 2007.

The AC version is going to be a very similar reflection of the series and features Dave Foley, Joel Murray, Jeff B. Davis and Grep Proops.

“We do a lot of the same games you might remember from the TV show [but] seeing it live is a whole different version though,” said Proops. “The whole experience is very interactive. As a member of the audience you might be called up to go onstage and participate, or to give us an idea or a premise for what we are about to do.”

Ticket prices vary between $36.50 to $46.50 and can be purchased HERE. Get ready to laugh!

Fun Fact: Do you remember those meaningless points given throughout the television series? Someone was actually keeping track and here are the tallies up until now:

Wayne Brade: 50,072,587,425

Ryan Stiles came: 11,113,372,791.5

Colin Mochrie: 3,012,399,040.5.

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