Sometime over the last few days, someone has scratched crude, juvenile graffiti on several pieces of equipment at Brigantine's SharkPark.

Brigantine Police and Brigantine Public Works are interested in finding out who did it and a reward has been offered for information that helps determine who was responsible.

My guess, from looking at what was drawn and how it was drawn, is we are searching for younger children, probably pre-teens. The other clue from the photos online showing the damage is that a person named "CJ" was involved. After all, the brainiac wrote, "by CJ".

Although this might seem trivial to some, scribblings like this have to be dealt with. The SharkPark is a community playground used by children. No parent wants their kids to go to a playground where there are crude drawings like these for all to see.

On a more important level, this is a sign of disrespect for the community of Brigantine. It's important to make it very clear to whoever did this that their actions are unacceptable and won't be tolerated.

Take a look at the photos and let your kids know about them if you spend time in Brigantine.

If you have any tips for catching the perpetrators, call Brigantine Police at 609-266-7414 or Brigantine Public works at 609-266-7800.

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