Looks like 2018 is shaping up to be a year of re-branding for a few retail stores. First came word of a possible Dunkin' Donuts' name change to just Dunkin'. Now, another retail giant will soon be a part of the name change game.

Wal-Mart will be officially dropping the hyphen from it's store front and "Stores" from its legal name, according to the USA Today. This will be the first tweak to the Walmart brand in over 47 years! Look for the name change to be completed by next month (February 2018).

The company also would like to become more online friendly as the competition between Walmart and Amazon heats up. Online sales for Walmart rose over 50% in the fourth quarter and the number of products on the website has more than tippled to more than 70 million.

What website did you use more for your holiday shopping, Walmart or Amazon?


Source: USA Today

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