Not all the fights at a recent Atlantic City MMA event took place in the ring.  A video showing members of the crowd fighting at an MMA event held Saturday at Showboat Hotel is going viral.

Dead Serious MMA 46 was held Saturday at Showboat featuring 13 mixed martial arts fights with amateur and professional fighters on the card.

At some time during the evening, another fight broke out in the audience as two or more people began to push and punch others.

In the video, two members of the audience are seen knocking over a table and chairs as they tackle each other, landing on the floor before one of the men gets up and throws the other guy over his back, slamming him down on the ground and standing above punching him.

All the while one fighter's man's pants are falling off. It's not a good look and, I'm sure, not what anyone at Showboat wanted to be a part of.

Even in the short video shared on Twitter, a police officer can be seen moving toward the fighters to break things up.

It's not known if either of the men faced any charges for fighting in public.

According to their Facebook page, Dead Serious MMA is a New Jersey-based company that has put on a number of MMA events.

“Dead Serious MMA has been growing every year and our goal is to take our fighters to the next level and help them achieve their goals. We are now a feeder program for Lou Neglia’s Ring of Combat which is the number 1 promotion in the USA in having sent fighters to the UFC.
Any amateur or professional fighters interested in fighting on this card please contact Frankie..."
Caution: The video contains fighting and cursing.


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